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   The CRHPS was initiated by the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China in 2011.Since then, the survey was carried out every two years. The Social Science Research Center of Zhejiang University started to join and lead the CRHPS since 2015 (the 3rd round), and focused more on agriculture, rural areas, and farmers. The latest round of the survey has been designed and carried out in the middle of 2017 by Zhejiang University.

    The CRHPSemploys a stratified three-stage probability proportion to size (PPS) random sample design. The latest survey in 2015 collected information of 22,535 rural households consisting of 76,675 individuals. The CRHPS collected basic information of the selected 578 residential committees/villages, including local economic, social, political and environmental features, etc. 

Main contents of CRHPS data

I. Household demographics and work characteristics

a. Household tracking information

b. Household demographics (gender composition, age structure, education, political affiliation, and marriage status)

c. Work and income of family members (work types, income information including non-agricultural wage, agricultural income, business income, etc.)

d. Financial knowledge

II. Assets and debts

a. Non-financial assets (family business including the costs and revenues of both cropland cultivation and livestock productionand other non-agricultural businesses, government subsidies, land and real estate including the land tenure and transfer issues, agricultural machinery and vehicles, etc.)

b. Financial assets (demand deposits, time deposits, stock, bonds, funds, wealth management financial products, non-RMB assets, gold, cash, loans extended)

c. Household debts (education debts, medical debts, credit card debts, etc.)

d. Fraud

III. Social Welfare and Commercial Insurance

a. Social welfare (social insurance, enterprise annuity, health insurance, unemployment insurance, housing fund, work injury insurance, maternity insurance, etc.)

b. Commercial insurance (life insurance, commercial health insurance, etc.)

IV. Expenditure and Income

a. Consumption expenditure (food, heating, non-durable goods, durable goods, luxury, medical expenditure, etc.)

b. Transfer expenditure (cash and non-cash donations, gifts, transfers to family members, etc.)

c. Other expenditure

d. Transfer income

f. Other income


Responsible use of data:

The CRHPS data are to be used solely for statistical analysis, and onlyaggregated information can be reported. Before accessing the data, users are expected to adhere to the norms for responsible use.

1) Publications using theCRHPS should cite the data properly.

2) Data obtained from the CRHPS, either complete or partial, shallnot be passed on to any other users with or without commercial purpose.

3) The right of the final interpretation belongs to the Social Science Research Center of Zhejiang University.

4) Please inform the Social Science Research Center of Zhejiang University for uses of theCRHPS data in books, articles and/or other forms of publication for record.

If you have any questions on the content of the CRHPS, or have trouble accessing the CRHPS, please contact us via rwskdata@zju.edu.cn.

How to get CRHPS data:

Sign in and fill in the CRHPS application form.

1.    Click the link "Registration Form" and fill in your information.

2.    Send the registration form to rwskdata@zju.edu.cn;

3.    Waiting for the confirmation from our staff. 

4.    If your registration is confirmed, a username plus keyword will enable you to access the dataset. Each account can be used on two computers. On the other hand, if your application is not accepted, please update your information and submit the application again.



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