The Experiment Social Science Lab is devoted to the research on the principles of motion of human society so as to test the theoretical hypotheses of social science, find new scientific facts and carry out policy wind tunnel testing. And the main research method is controlled experiment developed by Nobel laureate, Vernon Smith et al.
In the field of social science, laboratory controlled experiment has already become the breakthrough of theoretical development, the resource of new knowledge and the way to test policy outcomes in advance.
The European research paradigms emphasize strict isolation, while the American ones require a semi isolated environment. The lab integrates these two paradigms in the experiment field, compatible for the experiments demanding full isolation, half isolation or null isolation. The field accommodates 54 subjects to carry out experiments simultaneously and can be expanded to fit more than 100 subjects for half isolation experiments. The lab equips a server cluster, as well as a preset dual network, namely each subject has 2 parallel networks and 2 computers, to meet the requirements of complex experiments. This design provides more practical experiment conditions for different experiments.